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We’ve finally pulled up our socks!
We believe that very few Brands experience the privilege of being constantly bombarded with emails from their valued customers requesting for an online shopping store. We are fortunate enough to be one of them. If you are one of our awesome customers who has ever messaged / mailed us enquiring about an online store, we have finally pulled our socks up and ready to take the leap. Why the long delay you may ask? Several reasons big & small, but most importantly, it’s that one time when you feel you are completely ready to take up the next challenge, be it in life or otherwise. Now is that time for us! And we thank you for keeping us motivated enough to venture into the challenging world of online shopping. We hope to live upto your expectations and provide a platform for you to explore the finest Block prints and Weaves from across India at the comfort of your preferred location.

Help us in enhancing your online shopping experience with us
We have always believed that adapting to Customer Feedback is the key ingredient behind any Brands success. All the valuable suggestions which we have received over the years from our customers, has helped us grow into a Brand they connect with. It’s all a part of our continuous efforts to offer the best shopping experience.

Therefore, we humbly request you for a tiny part of your valuable time and give us some insightful feedback on how we could create an exceptional online shopping experience. Kindly take the short survey below and share your views and ideas with us. We promise to carefully read through all the suggestions we receive and align our future strategies as per the feedback. Not to mention, we promise to add you on our Exclusive E-Cottage Launch invitation list with some humble perks others would never know about. More than anything else, we would be greatful from the bottom of our hearts for your kind gesture. Thank you yet again for all your support.

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