How well do you know about our favorite God, Ganesha?


With Ganesh Chathurti just around the corner, everyone’s mind is on everyone’s favorite god! Families gearing up to welcome the Elephant God into their homes, and with kids getting excited for decadent modaks, let’s dive a bit deeper into the rich history and know some more about India’s most celebrated festival!
1. Starting with the basics, Ganesha was the son of Shiva and Parvati – he is also brother to Kartikeya who is the god of war and victory! That’s a lot of powerful gods in one family!


2. Did you know that traditionally, Ganesh idols were sculpted out of mud, instead of Plaster of Paris? Maybe it’s time we revert back to that practice!


3. The longest immersion process is that of Mumbai’s renowned Lalbaugcha Raja – it starts around 10 am, and ends the next morning, making it almost 24 hours!


4. Lord Ganesha who is represented with only 1 tusk, is known as Ek Dant. According to mythology, Lord Ganesh once broke his tusk and hurled it at the moon for laughing at his belly and cursed the moon. To this day, Hindus believe that looking at the moon is a bad omen.


5. Ganesha has around 108 names including Buddhi Pradaayaka meaning ‘the giver of wisdom and intelligence’ and Vighna Harta, meaning ‘the removal of obstacles’.


6. We have all wondered why Ganesha is one of the most loved gods of all times. Well, courtesy of a boon from another god who said that Ganesha would be revered and worshiped even more than his father!


7. Lastly, did you know that it was Ganesha who handwrote the entire Mahabharata? Sage Vyasa has requested Lord Ganesha to pen down the poem as he dictated, and Ganesha agreed on the condition that he would recite the entire poem without any breaks!


Happy Ganesh Chathurthi to you! May Lord Ganesha give you courage and determination to overcome all your sorrows and fears.

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

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