Monsoon Style Tips : To Stay on Top of Your Game This Season


The rainy season has officially set in. While it is easy to romanticize the rains with snacks and coffee while indoors, getting outdoors and still looking stylish can be a bit of a hassle! So here we are with a few style tips which will make the gloomy skies a bit more bearable.

Wear natural fabrics like Cotton

Cotton is the obvious bet here since it is comfortable, lightweight and dries quickly. Cotton dresses with a higher hemline, or ankle cut cotton pants should be your go-to in monsoons! Don’t opt for fitted dresses, and go for beautiful flowy dresses this monsoon.


Avoid layering

Though fashionable, layering just means more clothing that can get wet and muddy. Keep your look minimal by pairing a printed t-shirt with a midi skirt or shorts. Make cotton pants in vibrant colors your best friend! Wear bright colored dresses to make an impact.


Say no to Denims

A crowd favorite it might be, but having wearing denims in rainy seasons is a recipe for nightmares. Jeans take an extremely long time to dry, and their length makes them susceptible to unsightly splash marks. Stow them away for the monsoons and say yes to palazzos.


Wear bright colors

Don’t let the gloomy skies get to you! Pastels shades are pretty, but keep them for other seasons to avoid getting them damaged. Don’t wear white as they are easy to stain and plus the rain might turn them see-through.


Opt for loose clothing

Loose clothes in breathable fabrics are best suited for those gloomy days. Keep away your fitted tops and t-shirts and pair your loose tops with pencil skirts or go for a bohemian look by keeping your bottoms loose too, and accessorizing right!


The world is your runway, so wear what makes you happy. Don’t forget to accessorize and express yourself! You can shop for natural fabrics in amazing prints at Cotton Cottage!

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