What's in store? CottonCottage® for you in a Nutshell.

Stay tuned for what's in store for you in future with us at CottonCottage. And how spending just sometime with us, could help you know about an entire universe of fabric crafts. We are here to be your personal story-teller and take you on a journey across Mother India and its fascinating fabric crafts. It should indeed be an amazing journey together.


Almost midway through 2017, we are excited to share this space with you. Over the next few weeks, months or even eternity, check out our blog to discover more about the 3S’s that make authentic Indian handmade ensembles a global fashion rage; behind-the-scene stories from quaint and colorful Indian villages, store arrivals and most importantly, innumerable styling opportunities.

Whether you are a part of our rapidly growing urban community that finds great comfort and style in the CottonCottage® philosophy or a guest, you will find answers to the many questions that surround a value-for- money contemporary Indian wardrobe for all days and occasions.

Right from the various stages in the organic creation of the garments that caress your skin, to which hemline best suits your body type and style statement, expect everything that you would from a personal stylist. After all, we have been your wardrobe planners since 2005, working with elegant handwoven fabrics and ethnic printing techniques to deliver outfits with utmost comfort and contemporary charm.

And now that we are geared up to become your personal online stylists, we shall keep you updated about the latest outfit trends on stage and in stores. From must-have accessories to make-up and hair-do trends that can complement your Cotton Cottage wardrobe to unique D-I- Y ideas and handmade accessories that will make heads turn, the Cotton Cottage Wardrobe Alert will be your solo stop for fashion that’s quintessentially you.

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