Cotton Cottage is an Indian clothing brand that makes authentic handmade clothes affordable. They specialize in clothing made from classic, indigenous, and age-old weaving, dyeing, and printing techniques. With each product, the brand promises the finest of block prints and weaves from all over the country. Their clothes are believed to be India’s #1 hand block printed clothes among customers who have experienced the brand.

Their long-standing popularity and loyal customer base are due to the fact that they offer a vibrant and ever-renewing collection of hand block printed clothes for men and women.

With handmade clothes being their identity, Cotton Cottage recently shared the ‘journey of a product’ to emphasize how much skill and hard work of numerous artisans is involved in the making of just one single piece of clothing.
Cotton Cottage works with hundreds of master weavers, printing and dyeing experts, and wooden hand block artisans from all across the country. Everything about a product- the fabric, the weave, designs, colors, prints, are uniquely conceptualized in collaboration with all these master artisans.

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As the execution begins, each process that is required to make the designed product is done or assisted by human hands. This includes weaving the fabric in different styles, carving one-of-a-kind designs on a wooden block, washing, dyeing, and printing the cloth. In fact, some prints like Ajrakh even take as many as 16 stages and several months to finally reach completion. Even after the fabric is ready, the cutting, quality check and tailoring activities make sure that each product is passed through various hands. The brand even ensures that each product is individually packaged to only deliver the best handprinted clothes to their customers.

Cotton Cottage further elaborated that the motive behind sharing their product journey is to underline that when customers hold any garment made by them, they are holding the tireless efforts, treasured heritage, and craftsmanship of a countless number of artisans. Every single one of their clothing is authentic, rooted, and a celebration of these artists who keep India’s marvelous clothing traditions alive. It is because of their constant contribution that Cotton Cottage continues to make some of the best hand block printed clothes and ethnic wear even today.

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