An Indian clothing brand established in 2005, Cotton Cottage is a name that readily comes to mind when one thinks of handcrafted apparel. Known for its fine hand block prints and weaves, the brand has been creating new waves of fashion since its inception.

Over the years, Cotton Cottage has built a strong community of loyal customers all across the globe. What stands behind their acclaim is that they maintain the authenticity of the traditional block printing craft in their apparel. Every piece of clothing made by Cotton Cottage is crafted by hand and not any machine. Every woodblock, every print, every garment is brought to life by skilled artisans who pour themselves into their art to create only the best pieces. 

Cotton Cottage 2 e - Cotton Cottage

This commitment to handcraft extends to all stages of a product’s journey. Right from conceptualizing, to dyeing, printing, tailoring, and running final checks- everything is a fruit of human effort and skill. Without the use of any machines to mass-produce a garment, every product is handcrafted in limited quantity. This is also why Cotton Cottage’s collection renews in stores every 15 days, giving their customers fresh pieces to choose from. 

The use of traditional production means, precious handcraft, and an ever-renewing collection are the markers that distinguish Cotton Cottage as a one-of-a-kind brand.

Experience their latest collection of kurtas, shirts, bottoms, and more for men and women at www.cottoncottageindia.com and support the age-old art of hand block printing.

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