Our Product Journey

History Revisited

HandBlock printing is like time-traveling. Every stamp of the Block is a journey back to a golden era of cotton-soft fabrics, elegant designs, and brilliant colours. That’s why every garment that leaves our factory is backed by extensive research and the talent of innumerable Master Artisans, each with a unique specialty.

From Master Weavers of various kinds of Fabrics and experts of HandBlock-Printing and Dyeing techniques to manufacturers of wooden HandBlocks, we have the very best on board with us. As expected, it takes a lot of effort to find genuinely talented Artisans, and therefore, our Team, based in Mumbai & Jaipur, is on the road 15-20 days every month, always on the lookout for such craftsmen.


Planning and Designing a Collection                                                 

Weaving a Masterpiece from scratch

At Cotton Cottage, each Print has a story to tell, from the Family that has worked on it to the Region it hails from. That’s why there is enormous research that goes into every individual design.

The process starts with several days of intense collaboration between our Textile Team and the Craftsmen, after which the ideal Fabric is selected, along with the perfect Dyes and types of Blocks. After this, we finalise the actual Designs and start the execution work. At this stage, the entire range of our upcoming collection is envisioned. Since most of our products are All-Season Wear, we bring out New collections almost frequently. This ensures our customers are never out of options!


It’s Showtime!

Creativity & Passion at work

At Cotton Cottage, We are proud of the fact that every Design is a reminder that these have been printed by Hands, and not Machines. Various ideas come together to form a beautiful tapestry of Prints, Designs and Colours, finally resulting in the clothes that you take Home.



Fabric Weaves

From traditionally Handwoven Mangalgiri and Chanderi fabrics and exotic Linens to the intricate Ikkat weave, the Choices never end.

Our Master Weavers are constantly engaged in the task of weaving Quality fabrics as per our Textile Team’s requirements, in their respective workshops. This gives them the comfort and freedom to work at their own pace, bringing out the best in them.

The lengths of finished Fabrics are then checked at source for Quality and then sent to our warehouse in Jaipur, from where they get shipped to Artisans for further processing.


HandBlock Printing

Once the Weaves are in place, the selected Print patterns are sent to the Craftsmen who painstakingly carve each Block from scratch. This process takes several weeks, after which the blocks are sent to the Artisans responsible for putting the designs together.

At the same time, the ideal Fabric is chosen and sent to the Artisan’s workshop. After receiving all the necessary inputs, the magic finally begins, and depending upon the Craft, i.e., Ajrakh, Dhabu, Bagru, Sanganeri etc., the fabric undergoes several stages of HandBlock printing, Dyeing & Washing, these can take anywhere from several Weeks to Months of hard work.


The Final Step

Giving Each Story Its Final Shape

Finally, all the Printed fabrics arrive at our warehouse in Jaipur where each length is carefully checked for Quality Control. From here, the fabric lengths are sent to various stitching factories in Jaipur where they are carefully Styled and Crafted into Readymade Garments. The whole process is supervised personally by our Design and Production team. Each Individual garment is then checked for Quality and sent for Ironing and Packaging.

All the Inventory is then transported to our Central warehouse in Mumbai where they are sorted and sent to Our Stores across different cities pan India, thus completing an Incredible Journey!


Our Promise

Each Garment is Crafted With 

Watching our ideas turn into reality is still the Best feeling for us in this entire World. We are passionate about what We do and Always strive to bring to You only,

The Finest Block Prints & Weaves from India.