Our Story

Why do we care so much about a technique that's almost 2000 year old?

Why should You?

Each Print is a celebration of centuries of Heritage, ecological diversity and a wealth of talent.

Each HandBlock Printed Fabric is extremely exclusive. Even if the print is the same, the feel of the outfit will be different every single time.

And because each design You walk away with is an invaluable piece of history that belongs only to You.

For the last 15+ years, We have been collaborating with Master Artisans from every corner of India. Be it the Handblock Printers or the Weavers, we’ve always connected with their passion and commitment towards their Craft. That’s why We make it a point to work together to keep the Craft from becoming extinct.


Connecting traditional Indian fabric crafts with the modern world’s fashion aspirations


Inspiring India’s artisans to be their absolute best in pursuing and keeping their ancient legacies alive, while enabling them to put their craft on the world map


To revitalise Indian textiles by making the finest-quality, block-printed or woven garments accessible to the world

Our Recipe For Success  

Why do Our Customers love our products?

Our customers simply fall in love with the unmatched Comfort and timeless Style that our garments offer. To put it in their own words “ a collection that’s found nowhere else!”.

Exceptional Customer Service is at the core of Our ethos and we adapt well to Customer Feedback. Our genuine love and concern for the artisans who make up the Cotton Cottage ecosystem is what has led Us to where we are today.